posted Tuesday, January 15, 2013 by Brianne Carmody-Perea

Hello?? Does Anyone Answer The Phone Anymore!?!?

Riiiiiinnnnggg…. Riiiiiinnnnggg…. Riiiiiinnnnggg…. Riiiiiinnnnggg….

 You have reached the voicemail box of …

 Sometimes, I just want to scream into the machine…PICK UP THE DARN PHONE!! I KNOW YOU’RE SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO IT!

 I’ll admit, there are often times when I look at the caller ID on my cell and choose not to answer it. However, I don’t afford myself that luxury at work. Unless it’s a sales call that has nothing to do with my role at the company, I take the call. As a publicist, I know that a great opportunity or partnership can come at any moment – that’s why we’re always on our toes (and our 3rd cup of caffeine by 3pm).


An important part of our work is connecting with the media, giving them targeted story ideas that suit their needs. However, as the digital age plows ahead, one thing is deafeningly clear – keyboard is king. Nine out of 10 times when I’m forwarded to a work voicemail, the recording goes something like this, “This is Joe Smith with the Hill Valley Telegraph. I’ve stepped away from my desk, but instead of leaving a message, it’s best to reach me via email at”

 Chances are, if you do get someone on the line and share your grand story idea (that you practiced, polished and perfected in advance), they will ask you to send the information in an email…or resend the information you already sent in an email. SIGH! Typing ensues…

 Do you find yourself increasingly avoiding phone calls? Could the phone - like the fax machine – soon become a dying breed in the work place? Let us know what you think.