posted Thursday, February 21, 2013 by Lindsay Smith

Chocolate Marathon! Valentine's Day with Jacques Torres

Valentine’s Day is like Jacques Torres' Super Bowl Sunday. It's the time of year where he launches sassy new items such as Chocolate Lipsticks, and “Do Not Disturb” Door hangers, and brings back all-time favorites like the Spank Me chocolate lollipop, Champagne Truffles, I Love You Puzzle ....and everything in between. It's an exciting time for us - each year we challenge ourselves to secure more press than the last. Countless interviews and 7 video shoots later, here's a peek at our results:

In honor of National Chocolate Month, Jacques Torres Chocolate was named one of America’s Top 10 Chocolate Shops by

And one of NYC’s best Chocolates by Time Out NY Kids:

And by Elle UK:

Jacques Rockefeller Center Store

From Product Reviews and Round-ups:

The Daily Meal featured Jacques as the first stop on an Artisanal treats tour of NYC:

So did The USA Today:

And DNA Info:

New York Magazine loved his Spanker Lolli-pops and I Love You Puzzle:

Jacques in New York Magazine shared two of Jacques’ dessert recipes you can make at home for your Valentine.

YumSugar reviewed Jacques’ 'Loves Me, Loves Me Not' Bon Bon Box, and they loved it! loved Jacques’ Unique and Edible I Love You Puzzle: 

Jacques’ Valentine’s Day Chocolate Lipsticks made the Valentine's Day Treats round-up on Real Simple:

Jacques Torres Chocolate Lipsticks

And the Top 10 Gift Guide on

The Wall Street Journal touted his Kissing Game, as a tribute to the unordinary Valentine’s Day Gift loved this –out of the box- chocolate gift idea too!


To Chocolate Making (and tasting!) Videos:

Yahoo! Finance entered Jacques Champagne Truffles into a Chocolate Taste Test, (SPOLIER ALERT:  they came out on top!) needed Valentine’s Day Chocolate ideas for the ladies:

Channel One News and Jacques delved into the science behind chocolate, and love:!/#ooid=kweWRjOTr_CDJQ_Bc5uWx28KlXaNmseG

 Behind the scenes with Channel One

Wall Street Journal’s website asked “Why does eating chocolate make you feel so good?”!E3922407-27EA-45C8-9FD8-9F5BF8561A62

The Marie Osmond Show thought Jacques’ Chocolate was a perfect gourmet gift that could be ordered online, and delivered right to your door:

Jacques shared the secrets of his success and what National Chocolate Month meant to him with

Jacques shares his secrets of great chocolate with Bloomberg TV’s Pimm Fox: 

Editors and producers know that their readers will love Jacques’ holiday treats because they’re outside of the “heart-shaped” box.

As the holiday comes to a close, we’ve learned that the busiest time of year for a chocolatier can also be the most fun time of year for a chocolatier’s publicist!

“Cheep Cheep”…. “Baaaa, Baa”….

What’s that we hear right around the corner? It must be time for the Easter rollout!

Bring it on!

Jacques gets ready for Easter