posted Tuesday, October 1, 2013 by Rebecca Brooks

To celebrate the launch of “Style and the Successful Girl,” here’s a sneak peek into Gretta Monahan’s book filled with style and beauty tips.


Whether you’re a girl on a budget or a mom on the go, you can incorporate fashion trends that fit your lifestyle. Below, you’ll find Gretta’s Starter Kit for Success and advice for all stylish and successful girls.

Starter Kit for Success

1. A no-fail lip color

2. Pumps that make your legs look longer

3. A signature accessory

4. Dark fitted stretchy jeans

5. The bra that makes your body rock

6. A leather belt that helps your curves

7. A shapewear biker short that erases guilt

8. A tailored jacket

9. Boots

10. A little bright dress

“Finding your optimum look is a process, not a one-thing-works-for-all formula.”

“To dress successfully, you need to acknowledge and work with your real body…not the body you want, the one you really have.” 

“Learning to trust your own taste, needs, and style is the key to really developing your own iconic look. You’ll be your own ace expert and know precisely what to look for and what to reject as ‘not me.’”

If you love these style tips (we certainly do), there are plenty more where they came from. Pick up Gretta’s new book, "Style and the Successful Girl," in stores now or snag your copy right here: