posted Sunday, October 13, 2013 by Rebecca Brooks

Working in PR involves a combination of exciting work, managing schedules, and taking on any challenge that comes your way- even if that means filling in for a model on Good Morning America.  From securing, planning and executing over 20 television and radio segments (yes- that’s right!) to launching a book all while securing placements and maintaining daily responsibilities, the team has had quite the busy time.  Below are a few highlights with Catherine McCord, Ingrid Hoffmann, and Curtis Stone.

Catherine dazzled television audiences with her creative, kid-friendly and scrumptious recipes.  We also learned that she plays a mean game of ping pong and she may or may not be Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s long lost sister :)

Catherine and Elisabeth on Fox and Friends

On the set of The Couch (CBS)

Behind-the-scenes at ABC’s The Chew. Lucky audience members got to take home Catherine’s book, Weelicious Lunches.

Live on Absolutely Mindy on Sirius XM.

Catherine and Bri finished a busy day of interviews and TV segments with a game of Ping-Pong: east coast mom vs. west coast mom. Who won? We’ll just call it a draw.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, the lovable Ingrid Hoffmann brought her Latin flair to Arise TV 360, where she shared delicious and nutritious ingredients. If you want healthy meals packed full of flavor, check out Ingrid’s tips on cooking with super-foods and spices.

Ingrid visited spicy food lover, Wendy Williams, and whipped up some flavorful recipes: Enchiladas Suizas, Black Beans and Queso Fresco Five-Grain Tostadas, and Mexican Sangria. Hungry yet? Get the recipes now:

Ingrid also sat down for an interview with Pimm Fox at Bloomberg News to talk about her new book, Latin D’Lite.

She then chatted it up with Dr. Manny on Fox News Network about healing foods and the power of pepitas, also known as pumpkin seeds! Learn all about their health benefits and how to incorporate them in your everyday meals:


Curtis Stone joined the ladies on The Talk for their Food Festival episode.  Curtis showcased a few of his latest dishes from his book, “What’s For Dinner?” Watch the clip above to see the recipes for his savory and sweet salad and Horchata. Try them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed:

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