posted Wednesday, May 7, 2014 by Lindsay Smith

As a Brookette, I love everything about my job- from the glamorous evenings at client events, to the days spent in the office writing pitches, taking calls and sending thousands of emails. Every so often we have the opportunity to work on a segment that goes above and beyond the normal reward of the job.

 A perfect example is a Good Morning America makeover, “Lose 10 Years in 60 Minutes,” with our style-guru, Gretta Monahan. What started out as a regular, run of the mill segment, resulted in memories and lessons that will last a lifetime.

Glynette and her daughter

This mother-daughter duo is from a small town in Texas and Glynette was losing sleep at night because of how old she felt she looked. A young, beautiful mother of two, she was frequently mistaken for her daughters’ grandmother. Gretta was charged with leading a team of style superstars to makeover Glynette and help her lose 10 just 60 minutes! The makeover was an enthralling race against the clock…take a look here

A two-time cancer survivor, Nitza spent years battling the disease. While her friends and sister were living their lives, meeting men, getting married and having children, Nitza spent her time in and out of hospitals. The treatments took a toll on her body and although there is only a one-year age difference, she was constantly mistaken for her sister's mother- even in remission. This left her feeling like she'd aged an extra 10 years.

While Nitza's physical appearance was altered by the treatments, her positive spirit touched everyone that she met. Gretta and her A-team worked their magic and the big reveal was an emotional moment. Nitza looked into the mirror for the first time and was overjoyed with the beautiful young woman looking back at her. 

Gretta and Nitza

Leah and her mother

Our final makeover candidate was Leah, whose daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer one week after her first birthday. She dedicated every moment of her time and all of her energy to her children. Now, with her daughter healthily in remission, Leah realized that looking in the mirror didn’t reveal the same woman that she saw five years ago. Relishing the idea to visit New York for something other than chemotherapy treatments, Leah was ready for a fresh start.  

Our team was overcome by Leah’s strength and fortitude. Initially overwhelmed, her inner courage soon shined throughout the studio and Gretta’s makeover revealed the true beauty Leah always possessed. 


The incredible work of Gretta and her team included hair color and extensions, full makeup, teeth whitening and a completely styled and accessorized outfit. The teamwork and expertise resulted in three seamless, age-defying makeovers in just 60 minutes each. Watching Gretta’s team work their makeover magic was one of the most impressive feats we’ve seen and getting to know Glynette, Nitza and Leah was incredibly inspirational. The entire experience was a testament to the true strength of inner beauty and the power of positive energy.

Are there any truly inspiring people or experiences in your life?  Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear your stories!