AlureVé: Revolutionary Science & Technology Unite in a New Anti-Aging Skincare Line

AlureVé ( is quickly proving itself as the most progressive anti-aging skincare line on the market, supported by unparalleled science, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and the latest technology. Invented by Dr. Danyi Quan, a highly specialized doctor and skin care scientist, she applies three decades of experience and research in transdermal delivery systems, dermatology and traditional Chinese herbal medicines to develop next-generation skincare products and benefits previously unavailable to the public. Launching with three anti-aging products formulated with unique time-released technology, the AlureVé Day & Night Synergy Serum, AlureVé  Invisipatch™ Night Cream and AlureVe’ Targeted Treatment Patch for Under Eyes are each made with high quality ingredients that work together to smooth wrinkles, hydrate skin and restore vitality.


Unlike standard creams that sit on the dead surface of the skin - where little ingredient is absorbed and even less travels into the epidermis for optimal results - AlureVé uses an advanced time-released delivery system. This allows the products to carry potent, pure, optimally-formulated ingredients into the right skin layers at the right time for maximum benefit.  AlureVé’s time-released polymer matrix system and nano ingredients deliver exponentially more vital nutrients into the epidermis all night, giving skin the best chance for effective protection, correction, and health. The AlureVé patches have been clinically proven to deliver up to 55 times more ingredient into the skin than standard skin care products. 

THE Formulation

AlureVé products are designed using only the purest, highest quality, nature-based ingredients synergistically combined in ways that work best with each other, and with the skin's chemistry. Ingredients like Micronized Pearl Powder work with the skin’s own healing processes to generate new, fresh cells, for improved texture, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, and a natural glow. In lieu of heating their formulas to get them to bind well, damaging delicate ingredients in the process and significantly reducing their potency, AlureVé utilizes cold emulsion processing techniques. Opting to only use cold emulsion processing binders (like coconut butter) that melt below the temperature of the skin, these binders provide a perfect blend without damaging delicate, key ingredients through heat. Thus, when products touch warm skin, the natural binders melt, releasing pure ingredients into the epidermis with highest potency.

THE Synergistic Proof

AlureVe’ formulas are built on years of research leveraging a proprietary genomic test from Dr. Quan’s lab that helps measure the synergistic effect of ingredients on gene expression. Using this test, she has been able to  measure how her formulas simulate the behaviors of young skin down to the cellular level, like quick healing and DNA repair.