AZ Canteen

AZ Canteen

Andrew Zimmern, the two-time James Beard Award-winning TV personality, chef, food writer and teacher rolled into new culinary territory in August 2012 with the launch of AZ Canteen, an Andrew Zimmern Food Truck. Widely recognized for hosting Travel Channel’s popular Bizarre Foods series, Andrew unveiled his latest culinary venture at the Minnesota State Fair, one of the largest food events in the world.


The model for AZ Canteen naturally evolved from Andrew’s experiences visiting hundreds of food trucks and street stalls around the world, as well as creating several airport restaurant concepts. Designing a mobile restaurant affords Andrew the luxury of traveling alongside AZ Canteen for events and appearances around the country.


“The menu will be differentiated and delicious. I have been lucky enough to travel and eat my way through over 100 countries tasting everything I can along the way,”  Zimmern said. “I want to expand the protein choices of Americans with the overarching goal of restoring health and wellness to our food system one plate at a time. Take goat for example. I love it and we’re featuring it first and foremost. I partnered with Pat LaFrieda to create a goat burger blend and a goat sausage that is indescribably superb.”


From savory options like Cabrito (goat) Sausage, Crispy Pork Belly and Griddled Veal Tongue Sliders, to sweet selections that define truck dining, including Ice Cream Sandwiches from Andrew’s favorite scoop shop, Izzy’s Ice Cream in St. Paul, MN, AZ Canteen is paving the way as a flavor and ingredient thought leader in the industry.


The graphics for AZ Canteen were inspired by the foundation of what the food truck represents: flavorful food and a unique experience. The icons embody the perfect intersection of food and travel, reflecting the ingredients used in the menu items, with a nod to vintage travel stickers and suitcases.


During AZ Canteen’s inauguration, fans can expect to see Andrew behind the truck’s grill serving up delectable dishes, then throughout the year for select days and events. Regardless, diners can anticipate great food and an even better culinary experience.


 With future plans to expand the AZ Canteen roster beyond a single truck, Andrew hopes to capitalize on his extensive international “Bizarre Foods” fan base, launching food trucks in several countries. 


A portion of proceeds from AZ Canteen will de donated to the truck’s national charity partner, Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger.


For updates on locations, hours and menu items, AZ Canteen devotees can defer to the company’s Twitter (@AZCanteen), Facebook ( or website