Dr. Thomas Connelly, DDS

Dr. Thomas Connelly, DDS

Thomas P. Connelly DDS is an innovator in the field of oral care. Through 16 years of clinical practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Dr. Connelly has established a reputation for quality cosmetic dentistry and oral reconstruction. Priding himself on treating those from all walks of life, Dr. Connelly has cared for, fixed, and perfected the smiles of patients from notable celebrities, supermodels and musicians to executives, blue-collars and stay-at-home moms.

Oral Healthcare – A Brand is Born

Dr. Connelly has taken his oral care expertise and clinical background beyond his office to the masses by inventing a long-term, easy-to-use, cure for bad breath—a universal concern at almost all stages of life. He has filled the gap in a market littered with temporary fixes. "Sure there are mints and gums and sprays that mask the smell of bad breath, but nothing that changes the chemistry of it."

In January 2013, Dr. Connelly launched 32 Effervescent Breath Treatment with IsoVoxy on QVC to tremendous success and has since sold over one million treatments. It not only deodorizes the mouth, but also kills the bad bacteria. The truly unique part of his invention is the delivery system used to distribute the product to all areas of the mouth, where trapped bacteria can produce sulfur gasses. The result is a carbonated sugar-free crystal compound similar to Pop Rocks. The crystals produce a generous amount of saliva, helping to scatter the breath-freshening and bacteria-killing ingredients all around the mouth, rendering breath odor-free for up to 4 hours.

The debut product consists of a 40-count box of single-serve packets with Peppermint flavoring and is one of only 90 customer top-rated products on QVC.

Professional Career

Raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Dr. Connelly was inspired from a young age by his childhood orthodontist.  He received his dental training at the Mayo Clinic, the University of Detroit Mercy, and Louisiana State University. He is one of the select few dentists internationally to be accredited in Aesthetic Dentistry by the American Society of Dental Aesthetics (ASDA), the most prestigious and selective credentialing organization in the field. A Fellow in the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics, Dr. Connelly was nominated by Dr. Irwin Smigel, the Father of Cosmetic Dentistry himself. Recognizing education as being an important part of giving back to the oral care industry,  Dr. Connelly has served as a clinical instructor at two Ivy League schools: previously at Harvard University Dental School in Boston, and currently as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Columbia Dental School in New York City. Dr. Connelly contributes a witty and informative blog weekly to the Huffington Post where he interviews various celebrities about their oral hygiene, gives dental tips, and answers questions about oral health, products, and dilemmas.

Outside of Work

Dr. Connelly lives with his wife and six kids in Massachusetts, and commutes weekly to his office in New York City. A former ice hockey player and minor league NASCAR driver, Dr. Connelly now spends his spare time with his wife, following their kids around to various pursuits from violin lessons and hockey leagues to go cart racing. He maintains a small dental practice but has shifted his focus and energy to expanding the brand that is transforming the oral care industry.  For more information, visit www.32oralcare.com, tweet @Dr_Connelly or call The Brooks Group PR, 212-768-0860.