Pam Krueger

Pam Krueger

“Investing is more about behavior than anything else. Sometimes we just have to learn how to get out of our own way so we can start building wealth.”- Pam Krueger

Pam Krueger, Executive Producer, Co-Host and Creator of the MoneyTrack series on public television (,  and author of The MoneyTrack Method: A Real Person’s Guide to Successful Investing (Wiley, 2008) brings her knowledge and can-do attitude to viewers nationwide, educating the public on exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to investing. While audiences love Pam for her “girl next door” approach, she is equally respected for her years of experience in both the financial and broadcasting industries.

For nine years, Pam worked as a stockbroker, spending much of her time simplifying the world of investing for her clients.  “I was struck by how everyone seemed to have the very same questions. It was obvious that what people desperately needed, was a basic investing 101. I wanted to share that rather than sell it through a brokerage service,” Pam reflected.  Her response was to take her career in a whole new direction, and educate consumers through the media. Broadcast television offered the perfect outlet for Pam’s mission to spread her knowledge. Pam made her broadcast debut producing and anchoring on local television networks, including ABC-TV’s Emmy®-Award-winning program, Marketplace and nationally on TechTV’s The Money Machine as well as the award-winning PBS series, Money Moves

Pam’s next move was to conceptualize and producea successful one-hour show, NETworth: Use The Net, Increase Your Worth, that aired on PBS stations nationwide. Pam also wanted to address the need for financial literacy among young teens and produced IPO: Investing Pays Off, a children’s financial series that earned a CINE award and 2004 Emmy® nomination. These awards confirmed Pam’s belief that kids need to learn about investing just as much as their parents.

With these achievements behind her, Pam was ready for the next step – a national public television series of her own to educate and protect everyday investors.

Pam’s brainchild, MoneyTrack, launched in 2005 to a tremendous response, airing on over 220 PBS stations. The second season of MoneyTrack is now airing across the country. Pam, along with Co-Host, Jack Gallagher and unofficial Co-Host, Chloe, Pam’s Labradoodle, gets up close and personal with real people who have real money issues. Retirement planning, strategies for investing with small amounts of money, and scam alerts are topics covered in the program. Pam attracts the best financial experts -- such as Warren Buffett and John Bogle -- to appear on the series to provide straightforward advice to viewers so it all makes sense.

“I realize that for many people, learning about money and investing is like going to the dentist – you don’t want to but it’s really good for you,” said Krueger, “My job is to get you front-seat access to the country’s top investing experts, tools, and resources.  Consider me the Novocain for investor education – I will help you become a savvy investor and the process won’t be too painful.  In fact, you might even walk away smiling!” In addition to MoneyTrack on PBS stations, viewers can catch video segments of MoneyTrack on MSN Money. Pam and Jack also emcee live seminars, showcasing real stories from the episodes.

In June 2009, Pam received a Gracie Award for Outstanding Producer of an Entertainment Series on Public Television from AWRT (American Women in Radio & Television). She is also the official spokesperson for the California Jump$tart Coalition. Pam is a resident of Tiburon, California, but hails from Osterville, a small town in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.