Podcasts Can Deepen Your Relationship with Your Audience

Podcasts are still a relatively new medium and not as easily tracked for downloads or episode listeners as some of their media “cousins” such as digital videos or articles, so some people might be hesitant to dive in. 

But according to The Infinite Dial from Edison Research and Triton Digital, monthly podcast listenership in the U.S. increased to 37% (104 million), up from 32% in 2019, and continues to grow (The Infinite Dial 2020). So if you haven’t explored the world of podcasts yet, a large untapped communications audience awaits, and sharing your perspective and story via podcast allows for a different type of interaction between you and your audience.

Unlike hour-long interviews with a journalist which may only result in a brief mention or quote in a print or online article, participating in a podcast creates a richer conversation between you, the host, and the listening audience. And there is always a return on the time investment incurred in recording a podcast: they can also be culled for pull quotes that can be posted on social media, and those who may not feel comfortable in front of a camera may find podcasts to be a lower pressure way to have a one on one conversation.

Many podcasts allow for the conversation to naturally flow and the opportunity to share multiple aspects of your brand. For example, a dedicated host and guest podcast could provide an opportunity for you to share news of upcoming projects that you are excited about, as well as previous accomplishments that position you as an authority in your field. Podcasts can also give you a greater measure of control in the telling of your story than in other kinds of media coverage because you decide which details to mention and how you will share them.

Recording a podcast also affords flexibility. If you live outside of a major city or are unable to travel, many podcasters record via Skype or Zoom, ensuring an opportunity to connect with others even if travel and in-studio opportunities are not available.

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