Adam Richman: Q&A: Adam Richman

On the good v bad of Man v Food, being in the public eye, and his death row meal

It is my *distinct* pleasure to share the first of (what I hope will be) many interviews with people I look up to in the culinary space and beyond. Today’s guest: the iconic Adam Richman! Adam is best known for his role as host of Man vs. Food, a show I was thoroughly obsessed with growing up that involved Adam visiting restaurants across the country and participating in their food challenges which was *quite literally* my dream job as a young adult. My mom actually once met Adam at the opening of a Giant Eagle grocery store in Columbus, Ohio where he signed a photo for my twin sister and I. The photo in question remains on the Fedner family fridge to this day.

Adam is an incredibly hardworking and knowledgeable guy. We covered everything from his career as a theater actor, his transition to food TV, the ups and downs of Man vs Food including his favorite challenge, cultural appropriation vs. appreciation, and some fun rapid fire q’s like his preference for pizza vs. pasta. The full interview is available for paid subscribers below. As a reminder, paid subscribers will also have access to a monthly live cook-a-along with me on Zoom! More info next week.

Find Adam on Instagram: @adamrichman and be sure to tune into his new podcast, The Meals That Made Us on Complex airing on September 28th as well as season 4 of The Food That Built America on the History Channel – coming soon.


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