Gabrielle Reyes: Cooking up some vegan soup for the season

The Fall season means pumpkin flavored everything and Vegan Chef, Gabrielle Reyes, joined Inside South Florida to show us how to make delicious spicy pumpkin noodle soup.

“This is a spicy pumpkin noodle soup,” says Reyes. “It’s got some Chinese five spice, mushroom, some lemon, and chili. It’s got everything.”

It’s gluten free, vegan, and plant based.

“I don’t see it as giving up anything,” says Reyes. “I see it as accepting more, taking on more, allowing myself to experiment with mushrooms and jackfruit and cauliflower and eggplant. Instead of just relying on chicken, beef, and fish.”

Going vegan may sound daunting, but Reyes says it actually opened her mind to a lot of dietary options.

“I wasn’t really cooking as much. I was making traditional Haitian, Puerto Rican, and Caribbean food, but not in the same way. Not with the same passion, because honestly, I was afraid of food,” says Reyes. “But then I realized when I started accepting the fact that like wait, I can eat the rainbow and I can get my protein. I can get my fiber, my iron, and my B12.”

The soup is made with glass noodles and incorporates plenty of Asian flavors with pumpkin spice.

“I told you about the Chinese five spice. That’s so important when making this recipe,” says Reyes. “You roast up your own pumpkin and carrot and then you blend it together in a delicious puree.”

Glass noodles offer plenty of versatility in other dishes as well.

“That’s why I absolutely just love glass noodles,” says Reyes. “They’re made out of sweet potatoes, there gluten free, and it is also full of some protein in there as well.”

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