Andrew Zimmern: Andrew Zimmern’s Favorite Food City Will Surprise You

As the host of popular TV shows ranging from Bizarre Foods to Magnolia Network’s Family Dinner, Andrew Zimmern has traveled and eaten his way across the globe.

His programs have garnered a strong following because the Emmy- and James Beard Award-winning television personality and chef isn’t your typical cookie-cutter host.

“My show, Tony [Bourdain’s] shows, when he was alive, are more resonant with people than a lot of other travel shows because we actually lived our brands long before we had a camera crew following us along.”

We caught up with the passionate, friendly Zimmern as he prepared to head to Upstate New York for the second annual Catskill Cuisine festival May 10 to 12. He shared the most unusual food he’s tasted, his comfort food staples and his unexpected favorite food city.


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