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Nick Arrojo (www.arrojonyc.com) is paving the way for a new era in the world of hairdressing. A master hairstylist and founder of New York City’s own ARROJO Studio, Nick is recognized for his work on seven seasons of TLC’s hit show, What Not To Wear. His work has graced the fashion magazines of the world on countless occasions. Nick is also internationally renowned for his signature razor-cutting technique and beauty empire encompassing his NYC studio, over 150 ambassador salons, consumer and professional-to-professional product distribution and a celebrated in-house cosmetology school.


After 20 years working as a stylist and creative director for a variety of celebrated hair care brands, Nick opened his own salon in SoHo in 2001, beginning with just six chairs and four hairdressers. With a commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation, over the last ten years, Nick expanded ARROJO Studio to more than 120 employees.

ARROJO Education

Nick puts education at the center of his ideology. He is committed to using the expertise of his salon’s hairdressers to provide advanced training to their peers. His vision gives stylists from across the States access to techniques practiced by an exclusive band of world-class hairdressers. ARROJO Studio operates an in-house cosmetology school with a personalized class setting, producing stylists with a phenomenal skill set. The ARROJO Academy is an additional program which offers advanced education to licensed hairdressers through a variety of seminars covering different aspects of successful, contemporary hairstyling. Nick and his team also partner with Empire Beauty School, to give their alumni an additional view into the world of beauty. Nick visits six cities each year with Empire to share his knowledge.

ARROJO Product

In 2007 Nick created his own line of over 25 professional-grade products to cleanse, condition, style & finish hair. ARROJO products have a youthful and modern design, and aim to give fuss-free and simple hair solutions. The collection is available online and in Arrojo Ambassador salons around the country.

ARROJO: The Ambassador Program

Aligning with Nick’s passion to share his top-tier styling knowledge and experience with others the ARROJO brand has partnered with 150 high-end salons across America and Canada to promote their craftsmanship and share inspiration. These salons use and recommend ARROJO products and tools, and receive personal training with Nick and his team.

ARROJO Café: Il Tramezzino

Translating to ‘a little something in the middle’, the café’s name describes its location, directly inside ARROJO Studio. Providing a convenient place for stylish New Yorkers on the weekend, the café offers a one stop shop for brunch AND hair color, two indulgences not found in the traditional salon experience. The menu includes coffee, tea, paninis, pizzette, merende and salads that are all made daily with fresh, authentic Italian ingredients.

The Man Behind the Brand

Nick was raised in Manchester, England, and began his career as a Vidal Sassoon apprentice. His innate talent and vision for creative hairstyling became apparent early on, and earned Nick a position as Vidal’s youngest Creative Director. He eventually moved to the United States, and worked his way to the top, creating a multifaceted, award-winning brand. Over his 30 years of hairstyling experience he has received a number of honors, including ‘Behind the Chair’s Stylist Choice Platform Artist of the Year,’ and the ‘Global Salon Business Award for Salon Entrepreneur of the Year.’ Down to earth and jovial, Nick is your hairdressers’ idol because he gives insight and inspiration freely. He empowers stylists to shape their future by sharing practical (not fanciful) techniques they can use to improve their work. He lives in New York City with his wife and twin sons.

“I believe in being inclusive, not exclusive,” he says. “My dream is to share the skills of my team with like-minded hairdressers. If we work together we can learn to be more inspired, technically precise, and creative. We can be better at what we do, and make clients look and feel better too. I want to elevate perceptions of American hairdressing while enjoying the reward and success of a job well done.”

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