How to Become a Modern Renaissance Man with Michael Chernow

The Over 40 Alpha Podcast

From delivering food to opening restaurants in New York City, Michael Chernow used his entrepreneurial spirit to connect with and bring value to people over decades. In this episode, he shares his past experiences and what led him to open his own restaurants in the Big Apple. His success in wellness, athleticism, and business building reminds us that fully committing to yourself and your community is the key to becoming a “Modern Renaissance Man.”

“Once you can learn to love and embrace the hard and the hurt, unstoppable will be your DNA.” —Michael Chernow

In this episode:

-How Michael’s upbringing fostered his entrepreneurial spirit

-How Muay Thai, bodybuilding, and general fitness were integral to his success

-Michael’s training and nutrition regime

-How Michael built businesses, from scratch to self-sustaining

-Michael’s advice to everyone over 40

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