Samantha Brown: The surprising reason you should travel with your kids

Vacation lets your kids see you as a kid, and that’s so valuable

We all understand one key benefit of traveling with our kids — it gets them off their devices and allows you to connect in ways more meaningful than at home. A change of scenery and culture is invaluable for the whole family. And unless you have full-time, live-in help (or perhaps a fairy godmother), odds are you are going to be traveling with your kids.

But there’s another reason that will change the way you approach your next family trip. Memories of travel for a child are stronger than other important days in their lives, like their own birthdays or graduations. Fifteen years ago, a child psychologist said something to me that made an indelible impact: “When you travel with your kids (or grandkids), it allows your children to see YOU act like a kid — and what that does for their sense of love and security is immeasurable.”