Andrew Zimmern:Why Andrew Zimmern Believes Miami Is A New Culinary Capital – Exclusive Interview

Close-up image of Andrew Zimmern

In an era where food stars emerge seemingly overnight, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more established entertainer in the industry than Andrew Zimmern. Whether you’re fond of his work on “Bizarre Foods” or follow his day-to-day adventures on Instagram, it’s easy to see why his celebrity status has endured the test of time. His infectious love of cooking — everything from pizza rolls to spinal cords — and impressive breadth of knowledge have made the chef a hit with fans from all walks of life.

And his passion for food doesn’t stop there. Off-screen, Zimmern is a fixture of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Food Network’s annual gathering of celebrity chefs, culinary experts, and more in Florida’s unofficial culinary capital. All net proceeds from the Festival, held from February 22-25, benefit the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management. During the four-day-long event, guests can enjoy unique events, including tastings, talks, and even live cooking demonstrations from informative hosts like Zimmern.


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