Jacques Torres: The Most Decadent Chocolate Gifts for the Sweetest Valentine’s Day

You can’t go wrong with an indulgent chocolate box on February 14.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate February 14 than with a delightful chocolate treat? Whether you’re a fervent Valentine’s Day enthusiast or have more complicated feelings about Cupid’s favorite time of the year, surely everyone can agree that this particular day is the perfect time to indulge in the most delicious chocolate confections, both as a treat for all your loved ones and, of course, for yourself.

Indeed, when it comes to shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts, sometimes you have to remember that certain V-day presents (like chocolate boxes) are classics for a reason. That doesn’t mean you should be a total lackluster cliché and walk into your local drugstore at 7 pm on February 13, scouring the half-empty shelves for a discounted heart-shaped box. Instead, spoil your favorite people with gourmet chocolate gift sets, decadent chocolate bars or luxurious chocolate truffles. There’s a delicious sweet treat for every type of chocoholic, from praline creations and peanut butter-filled bonbons to almond brittle and classic dark chocolate.

If you’re not sure what kind of cocoa your Valentine is partial to, then go for an indulgent gift box with every type imaginable—surely you’ll be able to help them out when it comes to taste testing. Below, see the best Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes and treats for the sweetest February 14.

Jacques Torres Assorted Bonbons

Who better to turn to for all your Valentine’s Day chocolate gifting than Mr. Chocolate himself, Jacques Torres? This chocolate assortment includes an array of the chocolatier’s best-selling bonbons, with classic flavors like hazelnut and caramel as well as creative inventions, such as the Love Bug (key lime ganache and white chocolate) and Love Potion #9.


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