Samantha Brown: Expert Shares Why Traveling with Parents is Important for Young Kids: ‘Building Blocks of Family’

A travel expert reveals how young children have strong memories of traveling with their parents and its importance in their lives.

As February winds down, children everywhere are buzzing with excitement for the upcoming spring break. While parents may be tempted to just stay at home, travel expert Samantha Brown had a few interesting insights to share on why kids need to travel with their families. In an interview with standup comedian Micheal Kosta—who goes by @michealkosta_ on TikTok—she explained why travel was a crucial component of development for young children. The video has got 40.3K views and 78 comments so far.

According to Brown, memories of travel were the strongest in children compared to other important events in their lives, such as their birthdays or graduations. She explains, “And one of the reasons why this is so is that when you travel with your kids, it allows your kid to see you be a kid.” Brown pointed out how such an interaction played an important role in fostering a sense of love and security for the kid. She highlights how it acted as the “building blocks of a family.”


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