Lisa Steele: How to Avoid the Dreaded Green Ring Around Your Hard-Boiled Egg Yolks, According to a 5th Generation Chicken Keeper

This tip might change how you cook your eggs for good.

With Easter fast approaching, you might have eggs on your mind. Maybe you’ll stuff plastic ones with candy and hide them in your yard and/or turn some into a quiche, a frittata or a perfect scramble (a la Jacques Pépin) for Easter brunch. Or maybe you’re planning on hosting this year, and deviled eggs are on the menu.

Deviled eggs start with hard-boiled eggs, of course, and one of the keys to perfect deviled eggs is an expertly cooked egg. But despite your best efforts, sometimes you cut into your eggs and there’s a green ring around the yolk. Ugh!

To figure out what causes the dreaded green ring and, more importantly, how to prevent it, we talked with Lisa Steele, a 5th-generation chicken keeper, founder of the Fresh Eggs Daily blog, author of The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook, and host of “Welcome to My Farm” on CreateTV and American Public Television.

Here’s everything you need to know to avoid the green ring around your hard-boiled egg yolk so you can have picture-perfect deviled eggs for Easter—and the rest of the year.

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