DigiCards™, a clever new tool used to streamline communication for remote virtual meetings. Created by the founders of SocialFly and of the Entreprenista Podcast, DigiCards ($19.99) are 20-card packs of colorful cards printed with text that covers all the frustrating (and sometimes hilarious) scenarios and glitches encountered during video meetings. An inventive idea sparked by the global pandemic, DigiCards are designed to provide a way to streamline and enhance communication during Zooms, Skypes, FaceTimes and Google Meets, making each video call an opportunity to collaborate and have a little fun.

Colleague on mute? The “You’re On Mute” card will help. Have an idea to share in a meeting packed with people trying to do the same thing? Simply flash the “I have an idea” DigiCard.  DigiCards are also customizable, with the ability to add company logos, images and additional key phrases.  DigiCards packs may be purchased at HelloDigiCards.com for Virtual Meetings and Classrooms.

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