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Douglas Keane

Douglas Keane, the talented chef and co-owner of the renowned Michelin-starred restaurant Cyrus, in Geyserville, CA, has had a remarkable culinary journey that began with his Michigan roots. As a young boy, Chef Keane found himself drawn to the kitchen, assisting his mother and discovering his passion for cooking. However, it was a pivotal high-school culinary class, initially taken to score a date, ignited his desire to pursue a culinary career.

His path to culinary excellence was further shaped by the guidance of a close family friend and renowned hotelier, Stan Bromley. Encouraged by Stan, Douglas enrolled at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, but it was here that he realized his true calling lay in the culinary arts. Graduating with a degree that would have allowed him to work in any prestigious hotel, he decided to follow his heart and delve into the world of professional cooking.

Chef Keane embarked on a decade-long journey, honing his skills in some of the finest kitchens across the United States. His experiences included working at The Four Seasons in New York City, where he learned to thrive under the pressure of a high-powered, three-star restaurant, and at Gary Kunz’s Lespinasse, where he found inspiration in exotic flavor combinations and precise techniques. He also worked with Traci Des Jardins in San Francisco, where his respect for ingredients and culinary expertise blossomed.Eventually, destiny brought Chef Keane together with his future partner, Nick Peyton, as they worked side by side at the restaurant Gary Danko. Their shared vision and passion led them to open Market, a small eatery in Napa Valley, while envisioning their dream luxury restaurant in Sonoma County, which would become Cyrus.

In 2004, Cyrus first opened its doors, and over the next eight years, Chef Douglas Keane and his team achieved immense success, accumulating numerous local and national awards. His culinary philosophy was centered around the Japanese concept of Shibumi, embracing refined simplicity, elegant flavors, and quiet perfection. He believed in extracting the essence of each ingredient and treating them with utmost respect to create unique and unforgettable dishes for his guests

In September 2022, Chef Keane embarked on the next chapter of Cyrus, relocating the restaurant to Alexander Valley and paying homage to the area’s rich heritage. With his indomitable spirit and dedication to culinary excellence, Chef Douglas Keane continues to inspire and delight food enthusiasts, all while preserving the tradition of Shibumi in his creations. Guided by a visionary spirit and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Chef Keane’s extraordinary talents have garnered numerous accolades, solidifying Cyrus as an icon in the realm of fine dining. As the epitome of refined simplicity and culinary brilliance, Cyrus is a manifestation of Chef Keane’s artistry, passion, and dedication to crafting unforgettable gastronomic experiences for every discerning palate. Together, Chef Keane and Cyrus have left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape, enchanting diners and perpetuating a legacy of culinary artistry that transcends time.

Throughout his career, Chef Douglas Keane has been recognized and celebrated for his culinary excellence. His accolades include two Michelin stars, four stars from the San Francisco Chronicle, a James Beard Award for Best Chef Pacific, and being listed in Gourmet Magazine’s Top 50 Restaurants in America, among many others.

Outside the kitchen, Chef Keane is deeply passionate about dog rescue and rehabilitation. He co-founded the Green Dog Rescue Project in Sonoma County and remains actively involved in training and rehabilitating his four-legged friends. When he’s not cooking, you may find him driving around Sonoma Wine Country in his beloved Ford 150 pick-up truck, accompanied by his dogs: Finnegan, Cash, and Piglet.

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