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Tres Papalote Mezcal

Distilled from the wild cupreata agave plant, Riviera Import’s Tres Papalote®  Mezcal, launched in October 2015, is 100% handcrafted by a Maestro Mezcalero using a family recipe that has been handed down through generations. With a smooth taste and lightly smoked flavor uplifted by elegant herbal and citrus notes, Tres Papalote® delights the palate with its complex and intriguing flavor for both the well-versed mezcal drinkers, as well as those trying it out for the first time.

Actor and comedian Cheech Marin, best known as one-half of the Cheech and Chong duo, serves as ambassador and partner of the Tres Papalote®  brand. The colorful “Koo-Koo” man on the bottle’s logo was inspired by a glass sculpture from Cheech’s renowned collection of Chicano art – the most extensive in the world. Tres Papalote®  Mezcal is currently available in two expressions; Mezcal  (46% ABV, $60) and Normal (40% ABV, $45-48). A third expression, Botanical (%50 ABV, $85-100), is coming soon.

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