Jacques Torres: The 20 Best Cookie Spots In NYC

By Scott Lynch

Cookies are the most portable of all the sweet treats—in fact, I typically carry around a few of NYC’s best in my bag for on-the-go snacking and sharing. Try it! You wouldn’t believe how happy you can make people (and yourself) with a cookie surprise. Or bring a box to whatever house party you’re heading to, the one that already has plenty of bottles of wine. Anyway, my last Best Cookie list was more than two years ago, and while I included a few true all-stars from that report at the end of this one, the focus here is on new places, new bakers, new opportunities to marvel at these magical creations that somehow capture a galaxy of flavors and textures in a tiny space.

Jacques Torres The French baker’s chocolate wonderlands can now be found at seven locations around the city, and though there’s always a bit of a touristy vibe here the man’s cookies remain on point. Get the signature chocolate chip (and get it dipped in chocolate for a seriously rich treat).

Locations in DUMBO, Soho, UWS, Grand Central, Rock Center, and Midtown East (mrchocolate.com)

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