Karen Akunowicz: Negronis On Tap With Karen Akunowicz – Exclusive

A negroni cocktail
South Boston’s beloved Bar Volpe will soon have an array of Negronis…on tap! Regular patrons know Bar Volpe is the spot for Negroni perfection and creative takes on the famous Italian cocktail. Having studied and worked in Modena in Emilia Romagna, Chef Karen Akunowicz pays tribute to the incredible cuisine and beverage culture at both Bar Volpe and Fox & Knife Enoteca
Even more exciting is that guests can now order a Negroni flight. Usually, this would be unheard of, because making numerous, tiny Negronis would make any mixologist bitter (wink), but the availability of a tap system to serve prebatched Negronis makes it as simple as serving a flight of beer. Outside southern Italy, there isn’t a better spot to sip on a flight of Negonis than the 25-seat art deco bar in a revamped airstream. In an exclusive interview with Chef Karen Akunowicz, she disclosed the fall cocktail menu as well as some exciting news regarding an addition to Bar Volpe.
Tapping Out