Andrew Zimmern: Interview with Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern is an American chef, author, and television host.

Max Raskin: Let me start with a stupid question — what did you have for breakfast today?

Andrew Zimmern: I had a cup of coffee and a shot of espresso. It’s 10:00 AM here in Minnesota and I’m starting to feel a little peckish.

MR: So what are you going to eat next?

AZ: There’s going to be some foraging in the fridge at the office. I’ll probably find nothing and simply have to eat an early lunch.

MR: What will that be?

AZ: That will be probably a salad sampler from the local restaurant that I get lunch from most often around the corner. It’s the closest place to my office. They have very nice food, and they have this salad sampler where they have a little scoop of fresh egg salad, tuna salad, and chicken salad over greens that has become my go-to thing.

MR: What’s the restaurant called?

AZ: It’s called Yum!

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